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Name: Claude Zeller Ph.D., LSMIEEE
Company: Claude Zeller Consulting LLC
Address: 1723 SW 172nd Terrace
Beaverton, OR 97003
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Phone: 203 330-6133
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Claude Zeller Consulting LLC is specializing in Physical Modeling of Sensors, Magnetic Materials, AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Collection) Systems and Printing and Imaging.

Our mission is to make use of our knowledge of physics to understand, explore, and apply quantitative models of physical systems for the purpose of delivering high-quality technology solutions that enable innovative and/or enhanced products.

What we Do:

• Design of Sensors and Optimization of Magnetic Materials
• Design of Chipless RFID and EAS Systems
• Design of Optical Systems 
• Determining the Optical Properties of Paper and other Turbid Media
• Physics of “Printing on Paper” (Ink-Paper Interactions)
• Scanning and Image Processing

• Printing Barcodes for Machine Readability
 • ISO/IEC Print Quality and Symbology Standards
• Calibrated Test Cards for 2D Barcode Symbologies 

Other Capabilities: