About Us

What the heck is the ORCNET?

We are the Oregon IEEE Consultant’s Network, a group of electrical engineers, physicists, computer scientists, and others, all members of the IEEE. We work on almost anything electronic or with a computer in it. Most of us are in the Portland, Oregon, area, but we also have members in Bend and Eugene. Our customers are worldwide.

We have monthly meetings, often with a speaker. Our speakers are usually technical, but we have had speakers on topics such as newsletter production, legal and accounting issues, even personal development. If you would like to give us a presentation, please contact one of our officers

We are consultants and contractors, NOT “unemployed”. Some of us have been doing this for decades. We do this because we love the freedom, the ability to set our own hours and working conditions, and the opportunity to choose who we work with and what we work on.

We maintain and improve our high professional standards; we are often more reliable than our client’s full-time employees. This is no accident – we know that we are welcome only as long as we please our clients. We enjoy this opportunity to daily improve our service to our clients.

Consulting is not an easy job – it can be all-consuming. But it is a chance to be your best, meet lots of new people, and develop a breadth of experience few full-time employees can ever know. Join us!

The ORCNET was founded in 1998 by the revered Philip Witham and a cohort he gathered. Phil is no longer with us, having been imprisoned by full-time-employment, but we expect him to return to his senses any day now. Anything that is good about ORCNET is due to Phil. His comrades and clients miss him!