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Name: Andy Van Brocklin
Company: InvenSpan
Address: 6050 NW Happy Valley Dr.
Corvallis, OR 97330
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Phone: +1 541 321 0498
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As a solution innovator at the point of invention, I guide your team to break through challenging barriers and gain business control points. In private practice since 2012, providing proven breakthrough invention performance shown by 194 patents granted in diverse electronics technology areas; ASIC, displays, memory, microfluidics, power, mobile.

What we Do:

InvenSpan is a Consultancy founded in 2012 by Andy Van Brocklin. It provides design and invention services since for clients that need breakthrough solutions. InvenSpan’s approach is to use open ended design process and experiences to lead teams through alternate approaches to the original goal. The design goal is experienced as marketing and customer driven rather than some target based only in a fixed specification. This approach allows interaction with marketing teams, opening up the relationship between those in a detailed engineering role and those closest to the customer problem being solved. InvenSpan leads respect from the engineering side for market understanding – bringing us new ways of getting that really excellent (and/or lower cost) product into the customer’s hands.
In terms of technical focus, InvenSpan specializes in technology leadership with in-depth architect needs for electronic systems; centered on analog, algorithms, MEMS, sensors, mixed signal and power with adjacencies. Emphasis is on the system aspects of technology while inventing across disciplinary boundaries into microfluidics, optics, chemical and MEMS devices.
Creative process is both brought to bear on the problem and is taught to the client’s team. This way, the immediate problem is solved while the client’s team is moved to greater ability to to solve their next problem. Typically, a client’s team gains flexibility and connection to new possibilities.

Other Capabilities:

Expert witness services; claim charting and evaluation