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Name: Richard Westlake
Company: Abundance Technologies
Address: 776 NW 8th Court
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124-2202
Contact Info
Phone: (503) 648-6750
Biographical Info:

BaASc(EE) Waterloo, MSc(EE) Santa Clara
8 years semiconductor device design and analog applications engineering
9 years engineering management for automated test systems design and test method development
7 years power controls design for renewable energy systems
26 years power supply, welder, motor control, LED lighting, and transient protection design

What we Do:

We help people define and develop new products, and solve problems with existing products.
We create project plans and communicate project progress.
We design circuits, layout circuit boards, create enclosures, and prepare test software.
We work within a network of skilled associates, to bring needed expertise to a project.

Other Capabilities:

We analyze failed products, and explain the source of the failures.
We investigate unexpected circuit, and software features, and explain the source of the behavior.
We predict circuit performance, and perform tests to confirm expectations.